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Quando si terra' Arte Spettacolo Lazio: ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022 - 4TH EDITION?

Il giorno 16/09/22 dalle 18:00:00 alle 20:00:00

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Via Angelo Poliziano 32/34

Di cosa si tratta: Arte Spettacolo Lazio: ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022 - 4TH EDITION?

ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022, organized by ITSLIQUID Group will be held in Rome, at Medina Art Gallery from September 16 - 29, 2022. The exhibition provides artists and exhibitors with the unique opportunity to present their works to an international audience of professionals as curators, gallerists, collectors, editors and publishers who seek to acquire, publish and encourage the best contemporary art talents. The exhibition analyzes the relationship between body and space, and the hybridization between identities and cultural/physical/social/urban settings in contemporary time, through two main sections: MIXING IDENTITIES and FUTURE LANDSCAPES. MIXING IDENTITIES focuses on the human body as a changing system connected to other bodies and spaces, and analyzes the hidden parts of our identities, through the fascinating universe of the labyrinths of our consciousness. FUTURE LANDSCAPES is about the concept of borders and structures between body, mind and soul, the human identity and the city, the space and the ground. We create abstract, infinite and conceptual landscapes, associated with a sense of freedom and infinite extension. Spaces redefine their limits and boundaries, transforming surfaces in an open flow of pure ideas. The subjects of the ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 4th Edition might be interpreted in a variety of ways, yet all of the exhibiting artists were able to achieve success with ease. Anke Riemenschneider, is interested in the art of the human soul and aims to analyze the hidden parts of her identity. The Swiss artist experiments with visual art, language, and sound, combining these three arts in various ways, with video art and digital art taking center stage. Colors become the only protagonists capable of narrating Parth's inner growth and sharing this experience with others when artistic research focuses on abstractionism. Parth's fascination with the spiritual world manifests itself in the form of a painted story, a visual narrative of the artist's inner journey inside the captivating world of our consciousness' intricate labyrinths. Simone Giani's photography portrays a sense of belonging to a particular environment as a natural reaction to external stimuli and how this influences the gaze of the protagonists of his works. It has an incredible ability to construct strong narratives and storylines in a single frame. The interaction between a conceptual and infinite landscape and the protagonists of a work of art is also what happens to the two dancers in "Ash", by Christina Sirmons. The human experience is shaped by the environment, which can give life to an open flow of ideas, but it can also provoke feelings of anger, confusion, grief, frustration and anguish.

VENUE Medina Art Gallery Via Angelo Poliziano 32-34, 00184, Roma, Italy OPENING September 16, 2022 | 06:00PM September 17 - September 29, 2022 10:00AM - 01:00PM and 03:00 PM - 07:00PM | Monday - Sunday Free entry SELECTED ARTISTS Raffaella Bonazzoli . Italy | Beatrice Buccella . Italy | Erika Cadiz . Philippines | Tara Chadwick . Belize/Canada/USA | Jean Cherouny . USA | Wendy Cohen . Australia | Nicole Dimt . Canada | Lord Nicolaus Dinter . Germany | Rika Maja Duevel . Norway | Filippo Giani . Italy | Julie Hammonds . UK | Maco Hattori . Japan | Suzana Henriqueta . Portugal | Lukas Horst . Germany | Constance Jaeggi . USA | Inara Kama-Tashi . Mongolia | Karat Tokyo Kanishi Kikuchi . Japan | Gulommirzo Kasimov . Uzbekistan | Jalol Kasimov . Uzbekistan | Yoko Kitazaki . Japan | Emily Law . Hong Kong | Dennis Josef Meseg . Germany | Firdavs Muhammadov . Uzbekistan | Parth . India | Anke Riemenschneider . Switzerland | Kate Rossini . UK | Stephanie Alina Rubio . USA | Lexygius Sanchez Calip . USA | Irina Sazonova . UAE | Greta Schnall . Germany | Mimi Seton . France/USA | Christina Sirmons . USA | Luana Stebule . UK | Yvon van der Weide . The Netherlands | Peter van Loenhout . The Netherlands | Maryia Walker . USA | Anna Weichselbaumee . Austria | David Whitfield . France

Arte Spettacolo Città Metropolitana di Roma


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